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In 1998, when I launched my first book called „Honda CB 750 – history of a legend“ after 5 years of hard investigation, the time travel of over 30 years had been over and a great work had come to an end. I thought so. How I was wrong!

It was not only the fact that this work was popular with all Honda friends and that it was soon completely sold out. No, the community wanted more. More information about development, one chapter about long-distance sport and of course one about the noble tuners which further individualized this engine. So I decided to re-launch a new, thoroughly revised and enlarged edition with the title „Honda CB 750 – Motorcycle of the century” at the end of 2005.

Here is an exemplary abbreviated excerpt from a review (written by prova®, the magazine for automobile avant-garde):

Honda’s CB750 marks the most important milestone in the motorcycle history of the postwar period. With this model the change from “workhorse” to a piece of sports equipment has been finalized and the in-line-four-cylinder has become the standard for all grand motorcycles. Reinhard Hopp’s book is a revised new edition of the first one launched in 1998 which meets the significance of the Honda with full meticulousness. He attends to all aspects of the CB750, starting at the time when Honda was still a mass-manufacturer on the bicycle market up to the uncommon automatic version. The new edition contains additional chapters about derivatives from Egli, Bimota, Eckert and others. Every single change of the series is accurately listed; a tabulated overview over model series, frame and motor numbers allows the collector to classify his engine exactly. Hopp’s book leaves nothing to be questioned as he answers the issue CB750 completely and competent. Plenty of high-quality pictures, drafts and drawings illustrate the very enjoyable text. Reinhard Hopp’s book is an absolute must-have, not only for Honda friends – but attention: this book arouses the desire to get a classic CB750 into the own garage. dr

Reinhard Hopp

Honda CB750
Motorbike of the century

216 pages, 24 black and white pictures, 220 colored pictures,
6 drawings, bounded

Motorbuch Verlag
24,90 euros
ISBN 3-613-02545-0

DAS Buch



That is not all, my dear friends. This still ongoing world-wide positive feedback combined with a unique picture archive prompted me to go about a third book which tells the story in a new way: in a pictured one. It will contain the smaller and bigger brothers and sisters of these Four. For the first time in German and in English. And for everybody who joined the “in-line-four” construction – as owner, driver, onlooker, watcher or friend and fan. After the duty, there comes the fun.



The ultimate Honda in-linie-Four book is ready for the market!
Written in German AND English language included many, many very rare photos and exclusive pictures make this book to a stand alone rarity.

"After forty ears on the market, Honda’s in-line Four history has continued to invoke bikers with enthusiasm and fascination. It started long ago, but due to its success, is still being written today.

This book draws the line from the beginnings in 1969 and the CB750 Four, spans the development of her sister models until the most recent versions that give evidence of state of the art air and water cooled engines".

Please have a look from the first advertisement (onclick picture to see a larger version as pdf-file):

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the CB-750 K3 and the CB-500 K2 (Download: 104.293 Bytes)