The family of models

Honda was able to multiply this success. Almost annually new inducements were createtd by its famous engineers.

Continuously you "experience" and see EACH model - from the CB 750 K0 sand casting up to the CB 750 K8. Naturally, also the "Super-Sport" (F) series, exactly the same as the in Germany unknown "Hondamatic" and the police model.

The time journey of the legend is documented by unique photos of the following generation of the DOHC familiy (CB-K, F and the Chopper execution) - furthermore we take the family's fastest under the magnifying glass: the CBX 750.

The trip ends with the current CB Seven Fifty (or in the States: the Nighthawk): the legend lives...

Another highlight of the book: ALL US models are listed.

CB-750K5 (Download: 160.243 Bytes)       CB-750F (Download: 91.311 Bytes)       CB-750F2 (Download: 76.611 Bytes)       the unknown: Hondamatic (Download: 321.364 Bytes)       the american Nighthawk (Download: 42.643 Bytes)